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Yuzu tonkotsu Ramen -fried chashu pork belly, spring onion

Yuzu tonkotsu Ramen

-fried chashu pork belly, spring onion, bamboo, beansprouts & clarence court egg.

I will definitely come back to show you more delicious dishes from this restaurant

Hiii, do you like oysters? I love it and I want to share this photo with you.

In Borough market you can find them fresh and a lot of variety.

If you don’t know this market, I recommend you visit it, apart from oysters, they also sell fish, meats, cheeses … and all gourmet products.

It is authentic Spanish cuisine, located in Chelsea. Pleasant atmosphere and incredible food, it is like feeling at home. One of our favorite dishes, apart from the CROQUETTES (of course), was the tomatoes marinated with sherry wine and a blue cheese base, to die for! dessert a delicacy of white chocolate and passion fruit. we have love for this place

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